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[Closed] General Rules  

Huh? Admin

Please take the time to read the following rules before posting in this section.

- The only language you can use here is English. No Tags allowed, no translations, just English.
- For problems or questions concerning the games, use the Bug/Report section, not this one.

- Before opening a new topic, please consider adding the proper prefixes at your title.
They are:[Lineage], [GTA], [Rust] [Guide], [Discussion], [Share], [Clan].

- If you post a guide or a share that isnt yours, dont forget to give proper credits.

- Avoid creating topics for discussions/polls that have already been made. How to know if something has already been made?
  Use Search Button!

Thank you,
HazeGG Staff.

Topic starter Posted : 04/01/2021 9:43 am